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Fragmental glimpses

Friday, April 18, 2008


I did it...


I'm not asking for massive amount, £1 (Hell $1 will do and thats a few beans with todays exchange rate!)

It's just if I've done anything in the past 8 years that has meant something to you I'd like you to show that by giving me a chance to say thanks to the guys that have helped me for the past 8 years....

If you are totally broke and can't afford anything I understand.
Just reply to this thread instead and I'll know your heart is in the right place even if the wallet is empty.

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

6:35PM - firewalk for barnardos

On the 17th April I am doing a fire walk to raise money for Barnardos. To help raise money I've set up a just giving page.

Anything you could donate would be brill.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7:31AM - Arthur C. Clarke RIP

Arthur C. Clarke RIP


This hit me.

This guy had a major effect on my life, including being responsible for my daughter being here. (She was conceived during a long weekend John and I got together when he was back in Liverpool to take part in the conferment of a honorary degree in science fiction on the great man)

Plus his 'Strange world' TV series sparked a long interest in what lay on the the edges of science which has fueled me ever since. I know the guy was getting on and the last few years could not have been fun given how ill he was, but its still some one gone from my world.

Current mood: sad

Sunday, March 2, 2008

5:10PM - Shattered Realities Fictions

Some people may be aware that I have given up on SLA and gone back to play in my own creations.
Given a shortage of opportunities to run anything I have turned to writing and this has lead to a number of novels., and a couple of people have had sight of them to give me feed back. However they are large. So in attempt to cut them into more reasonable chunks I have started releasing them in 'chapters' via the as yet unused blog on the wilsonclan site:
It can be found here....


The prologue of Open Door has just been posted there.

Feel free to visit/comment/ignore as you see fit.

Current mood: accomplished

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6:16PM - Proof Ray is growing up.

My mum just bought her some "seagull poo" chocolates.

One the back it sayd "Warning this is made in a factory where nuts are handled."
She drew my attention to it and I said. "Yes they have to say that, some people are allergic to pea nuts".

"No mum.. You know. I hope they wash their hands" and then looksed down suggestively.

Yeap My 11 year old picked up on a double entendre that I MISSED!!!


They grow up too fast!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

7:09AM - I've been quiet because...

Prompted by the thundering hooves of my 40th I have finally sat down and written a Shattered Realities Novel.

Its now finished and need "beta testing"
If any one is willing to have a look and give me some feed back, email me, or drop me a line via the u2u on team8s forum.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

9:46PM - Race for Life

Race for life....

Given it would probably kill me so I'm not doing it, it would be great if people sponsor Claire instead.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

4:25PM - Ireland

We're back in one piece!

Ray got to meet cousins she didn't know she had.

We saw Granny Wilson - but she is fading fast.

She went paddling in the sea and carting at Eddie Irvine's place.

And pressed lots of buttons a 5W.

Photos on the wilsonclan site at http://www.wilsonclan.org.uk/Family/Ireland07.html

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

4:49PM - So people know.

We are going to Ireland for about a week to stay with the mother in law.
Back wednesday.
Use the mobile if its urgent.

Friday, March 30, 2007

7:57PM - Last day leaving party.

To day was my last day being a volunteer co-ordinator on the Dads project.
It was also the last day for the Barnardos children's fund project which I was also involved with as a 'as ands when' play worker.
So technically it was the last day for 2 jobs.

We had a big partly at 1st steps and there were a lot of people there.
The magician/ entertainer was very very good and even had a real rabbit which he revealed at the end and then picked one of the older more sensible kids to hold whilst every one else strocked it - thus buying him easy packing up time!

I was also given a big bunch of flowers - which may well be the first time I have ever been given flowers- plus a thank you card for the staff at commmunity house. I don't actually own a vase so they are all in a very old pudding bowl that I inherited from my great uncle. They are a nice center piece on the table.

The thing is...

... I feel a bit of a fraud.

I'm not actually going anywhere.

In fact with the 20 hours for the toy library I'll be in the office almost as much as I was anyway at least until the summer - and then it all depends on Me finding funding to keep Me in work!

So it's left me feeling a bit strange and out of sorts.

Current mood: thoughtful

Sunday, March 18, 2007

5:13PM - Mothers day

Ray wrote me a poem.

Mum I love you!
Others are not as special
The way you care for me
Heaven is not as kind
Everyone wants a mum like you
Running with me always
Seems to fight for me.

Doomsday is alright as long as I'm with you.
Always there for me
Yes, I love you.


Monday, March 12, 2007

8:32AM - Music

Ray played in her first "Real" concert yesterday at the assembly rooms.
The "Wind Whizzers" (which she is the group she is in) played better than I'd heard them play before and the Swing band and youth Orchestra were very very good.
Especially the first clarinetist - which really gives Ray something to aim for in 5 years or so.

Apparently the swing band are available for bookings and I'd recommend them. I guess they can be reached via the Derby Music Centre which is based at St Benedicts School and Performing Arts Collage.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

9:11PM - Oh No.

Ray is now taller than me.

I am the shortest person in the house (until we buy a new rat or something)

John has been cracking jokes about "Grey haired little old ladies" all night!

I was hopping to make my 40th before this happened.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

6:20PM - Admissions day - the results!

Ray got into Landau Forte!

More info on

Surfice to say it is so much better than the alternatives which she could have ended up with.

4:27PM - The Sick Joke that is National Admissions Day.

To day is the day when we should find out about Racheal's school for next year.

I say should because we were meant to recieve an email telling us.

So far the email has not arrived and I'm running out of finger nails

Despite all the crying about Brighton and Hove in the media - we are already in a lottery situation as that is the way Landau Forte are selecting pupils this year.
Frankly it's a joke - at least johns sister (same age as ray) got to take a test and the school she got into depended on how she did in the test. We have NO influence over the process, it doesn't depend on how motivated ray is to learn or how bright she is or even what colour socks she was wearing, she is just a number in a machine.
- If her number comes up she gets a place at the best school in the city
- If not she gets 7 years of fighting for resources with a bunch of drongos and is offered a limited selection of exams to take at the end.


It's so damn unfair.

Friday, February 23, 2007

8:53AM - Health

The Family are not doing so well on the health front - with my BIH and johns general lurginess. Well Ray has finally joined in the family hobby.

On tuesday she school phoned to say she was feeling sick. I brought her home and discovered she had a rash on her legs, but one on her legs. We conculded she had probably walked through something on the hike on sunday with my dad.

However the rash didn't go down and yesterday after school I took her to the chemists to get something for it.
The pharmacist looked at the rash for the other side of the room and told me to take her to the doctors.
I eventually got through and was told to bring her down straight away.

By this time Ray was getting really worried - although I was still convinced that the pharmist was over reacting to a rash he could barely see.

Any way it seems she has Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura. Which is a disease associated with inflamation of small blood vessels - on the skin this is causing the rash on her legs, but it can also effect her kidneys and bowel and cause joint pain. It last 4-6 weeks and there is no real treatment for it other than monitoring her kidneys to make sure nothing serious is happening with them and treating the symptoms.

Fortunatly the doctor dealling with it knows a lot about this problem having had it himself as a child and thus researched it - so as our luck would have it we walked into the right surgery!

Unfortunatly this has been a real bad experience for ray. She is getting to the age now where death and disease are very real concepts - especially with Ally dying and my contant trips to the hospital - and this experience has really brought it home to her, even though all the talk at the doctors was positive and how most people recover with no long term problems. Especially when the Doc said the rash is just like the one you get with menangitis which scared her becasue she knows what that word means! However he did immediatly say to her "But you don't have that because you are far to lively and with it for menangitis".

She needed a really big hug off me in the doctors and off her dad last night to settle her down and stop her crying.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

8:36AM - Thanks Pwca!

How Will I Die Quiz

How Will I Die Quiz

You will die at the age of 91

You will die in a nude hang gliding accident

Find out how you will die at Quizopolis.com


But actually my money is still on 60 of a brain haemorage....

In fact my "pension plan" relies on it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

8:05AM - Dilema

I know I'm not better yet.

Early friday morning (3am early) I started running a high tempreture. By 10am friday it was obvious I was really ill and it wasn't just lack of sleep as it felt like some one had put my head in a vice. At 12 I started being sick and kept throwing up every 90 mins for the rest of friday and most of sat morning.
I still havent managed to eat anything that would really classify as "food" and this morning I've had a bout of diarrohea - though that may be due to the lack of anything solid in my gut for 72hrs.

The thing is
If I don't go into work this morning it trigggers the 'sickness' monitor and results in a load of paper work and my boss being upset with me.
But If I do go in I could pass this on to the Dads and Tots lot that I'm meant to be covering - and potentially give it to a 7 week old baby and a guy with a serious health condition :(

I'm dammed either way.

Current mood: crappy

Sunday, January 28, 2007

5:29PM - My Bin

Yeap I've finally lost it and I'm posting a photo of a dustbin to my Live journal!

But this is no ordinary bin - This is my bin!

Well not exactly but some time ago the local council ask people where they wanted some rubish bins sited. This is the bin in the place I suggested - and according to Jane no one else sugested here so I know this is my bin!

See Community liason in action!

4:54PM - Going Postal Thanks Pwca!

Well I'm ok...

You have a 19% chance of going postal!

Good news! You're not very likely to kill your coworkers. You seem very well adjusted. You rock! Talk about those feelings!

How Likely Are You to Go Postal?
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But John Got
You have a 47% chance of going postal!

The chances of a killing spree in your future are pretty low. But discuss any problems you have with a therapist. Or your local barman. Talking about your feelings is very important... well, and emmasculating, but let's not talk about that.

How Likely Are You to Go Postal?
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